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We Make Safety WorkRite!”


Needs Analysis

We want to know exactly what your concerns are for a safe work environment. An occupational health consultant will meet with appropriate company representatives, review data (OSHA 300s, First Aide logs, loss information etc.), and perform a “Walk-through” of your facility.  At this point, our Safety and Ergonomic Specialists will provide a written report and presentation highlighting what your company is doing that works, and where it may need improvement and what might be missing to ensue your overall success.  In addition, we will assist with prioritization, setting up timelines, and help with implementation and with follow-through.

We will help you put all of the pieces of the puzzle together needed to make a successful safety program.  Solutions are in your timeline, and within your budget and tailored to meet your needs.

Safety/Ergonomic Program Management

WorkRite Safety will work with representatives of your company to ensure the ongoing success of your program.  This includes participation in your Safety and Ergonomic Teams, assistance with medical management issues, continued statistical analysis, accident investigation, and other efforts resulting in the long-term success of your program.

The objective and focused efforts of our assistance is to help our company create a safety culture whereby all levels of management, supervisors and employees are working cooperatively with the same goals and effort to achieve these goals.  Individuals learn they each have personal responsibilities and a role to play in the company’s overall safety and ergonomic program.  Safety becomes second nature to everyone involved. Our philosophy is not safety first; rather, it is 'safe, quality, production' - a philosophy that is bottom-line oriented. 

Hazard Identification & Control

A positive bottom line for your company begins at the work station. If the employee cannot safely and effectively perform tasks because of an ill-fitting and improperly designed work station, or from threat of potential accident, the company and the employee both lose! Injuries result, as well as the costs associated with them. 

WorkRite Safety excels at ergonomic assessment and work station design. We'll look for potential hazards and recommend the solutions needed to fix them - before anything happens! Remember, our solutions are designed in real time with your real goals in mind. Often, it is the simplest change that is needed to correct a problem - we'll recommend that if we determine a potentially harmful work station or work environment. After all, your company and WorkRite Safety both share a common vision: safety at work resulting in profitability for the employee and the company. We'd be happy to talk with you more about the value of good ergonomics at your company.

Safety Training for Your Workforce
Your employees will thoroughly enjoy our safety programs and will be able to easily (and immediately) apply what they learn about safety, health and wellness. Our multilevel training programs offer training specific to the type of work and work settings your employees experience each day. Our programs are:


Interactive training for the prevention of lower back injuries, with complete understanding of the low back and how it becomes injured; and biomechanical training for lifting and working postures.

An educational presentation on the anatomy of the wrist and forearm and how injuries occur, and interventions for reducing risk to problems. Carpal Tunnel, tendonitis, and other repetitive strain disorders are discussed with applicable solutions.
An educational presentation accompanied by one-on-one, hands-on interaction with each participant at their work station. Training includes understanding of biomechanics and appropriate ergonomic changes for seated workers. Principles of working in a neutral position, work station organization, and other measures are taught.
An educational presentation dealing with general plant safety through housekeeping, guarding, use of ladders, and a refresher on lifting are just some of the topics discussed. This program is customized to the specific needs of the company.

Medical Management Services
WorkRite Safety realizes the best way to manage an injury is to prevent it from happening. Our efforts are so focused on prevention. The reality is, injuries do occur. The WorkRite team will work with your company and insurance carrier to streamline the medical management process through timely decisions ensuring the injured worker receives the required care and appropriate placement in the work environment. Our Doctors of Chiropractic and Occupational Nurses can be on site your company to assist you. WE MAKE IT A WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIP FOR ALL PARTIES.

Our program features include:

  • Use of routing slips/protocols where appropriate
  • Claims validation
  • Acute and chronic injury management assistance
  • Doctor-to-doctor phone consultation regarding the injured employee
  • Assistance with light duty recommendations emphasizing early return to work or no lost-time at all
  • RTW exams and drug testing
  • Overall coordination between company, insurance carrier, and treating provider

OUR GOal: to reduce or eliminate lost work days, restricted days and associated costs while ensuring quality care for the injured employee.

Work Conditioning Programs
Too often we think the only way to reduce injuries is to eliminate hazards in the workplace. But there is another side to this equation - worker susceptibility to injury. It is another important aspect of injury prevention. WorkRite Safety has programs designed specifically to reduce susceptibility to injury, by enhancing employees' overall conditioning. These programs are done on site, at the worker's station, and without any negative impact on productivity. Our programs have reduced the number of back injuries up to 90% within the first year:

An interactive program introducing short, targeted exercise-breaks designed specifically for individual departments. The purpose of the breaks is to reduce the negative effects of cumulative stress from repetitive work and/or static postures.
An interactive program introducing short, targeted exercise-breaks designed specifically for individual departments. The purpose of the breaks is to reduce the negative effects of cumulative stress from repetitive work and/or static postures.

OSHA Compliance Assistance

No, we are not OSHA inspectors. But we do take OSHA seriously because OSHA takes safe workplaces seriously. Would you know your rights and responsibilities if OSHA came calling - unannounced - today? Would you be prepared and ready to conduct the OSHA inspection meeting? Do your employees know what might be expected of them by you and by OSHA? Would your conduct or response impact the outcomes of the inspection?

Would OSHA find a violation? It is highly likely OSHA inspectors would because it is the nature of OSHA to do that. Coming out of an inspection unscathed depends entirely on your company's 100% compliance, perfect record keeping, and preparedness. Do you have the right people in place to respond and do they know the best protocol for conducting the inspections meeting? Fines and penalties handed down from OSHA today can significantly impair (sometimes eliminate) the opportunity for continuing business productivity and profits. WorkRite Safety can provide the assistance you need for readiness! Call us today.