COVID-19 Updates & Tips

Important Client Company & Patient Update: COVID-19 coronavirus

The health and safety of our patients, client companies and employees is our highest priority. As this is an evolving situation, we want to keep our community aware of the latest information on COVID-19 coronavirus.

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing articles and helpful tips in an effort to keep our client companies and their employees up-to-date and informed as COVID-19 continues to make its impact.

We encourage our client companies and community businesses to contact us for guidance with this evolving situation at

Helpful Links & Tips | COVID-19 in the Work Place

OSHA: Guidance Preparing Work Places for COVID-19

OSHA: COVID-19 Standards & Updates

NIOSH: Resources for the Protection of Workers.

CDC COVID-19 Updates

Spirometry Testing During COVID-19 Pandemic

Drug & Alcohol Testing Precautions Amid COVID-19

Emergency Relief of CFR for Drivers & Motor Carriers

FMCSA Temporarily Suspends DOT Physicals

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