Hazard Identification & Control

A positive bottom line for your company begins at the work station. If the employee cannot safely and effectively perform tasks because of an ill-fitting and improperly designed work station, or from threat of potential accident, the company and the employee both lose! Injuries result, as well as the costs associated with them. 

WorkRite Safety excels at ergonomic assessment and work station design. We’ll look for potential hazards and recommend the solutions needed to fix them – before anything happens! Remember, our solutions are designed in real time with your real goals in mind. Often, it is the simplest change that is needed to correct a problem – we’ll recommend that if we determine a potentially harmful work station or work environment. After all, your company and WorkRite Safety both share a common vision: safety at work resulting in profitability for the employee and the company. We’d be happy to talk with you more about the value of good ergonomics at your company.