Respirator Exams & Fit Testing

WorkRite Safety helps employers be in compliance with federal regulations and requirements of 29 CFR 1910.134.  WorkRite Safety professionals have extensive training in all aspects of respirator use, Fit Testing, and Spirometry (NIOSH approved training).

An employee using a respirator at work may be at risk of physical burden or challenges that varies according to the type of respirator worn.  As the employer, you are required to provide a medical questionnaire to the employee (before wearing a respirator) that is reviewed by a licensed health care professional (LHCP) to determine the appropriateness of wearing a respirator.  Based on the answers to the questionnaire, the LHCP may decide that an exam and/or other testing (such as spirometry) is required prior to respirator use. 

FIT TESTING is required by OSHA any time an employee is required to wear a respirator, and must be specific to the type of respirator used.  It must be performed annually to ensure proper function and fit for the worker using a respirator.

WorkRite Safety utilizes quantitative fit testing, which is considered to be the most accurate and safe method used to Fit Test an employee.