Pre-Placement Exams

Industry has shown significant interest in the use of Pre-placement (post-offer) Screening as a means for reducing workers’ compensation premiums. Evaluating an employee prior to placement at a specific work site can detect preexisting conditions that might predispose the employee to injury.

WorkRite Safety utilizes the Biomechanical Stress Index (BSI) in the performance of preplacement exams. The BSI has proven to be invaluable in determining if an individual is at a low, medium or high risk to suffering a disabling lower back injury. BSI exams are quantitative, and capable of determining risk based on an evaluation of the job description (they are job-specific). This exam assists with appropriate placement of a new hire, or in disqualification if so determined base on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines.

Functional Testing such as lifting testing and dynamometer testing can also be performed in conjunction with a pre-placement screening examination to help determine the new hires physical capability to perform essential job functions.