OSHA Compliance Assistance

No, we are not OSHA inspectors. But we do take OSHA seriously because OSHA takes safe workplaces seriously. Would you know your rights and responsibilities if OSHA came calling – unannounced – today? Would you be prepared and ready to conduct the OSHA inspection meeting? Do your employees know what might be expected of them by you and by OSHA? Would your conduct or response impact the outcomes of the inspection?

Would OSHA find a violation? It is highly likely OSHA inspectors would because it is the nature of OSHA to do that. Coming out of an inspection unscathed depends entirely on your company’s 100% compliance, perfect record keeping, and preparedness. Do you have the right people in place to respond and do they know the best protocol for conducting the inspections meeting? Fines and penalties handed down from OSHA today can significantly impair (sometimes eliminate) the opportunity for continuing business productivity and profits. WorkRite Safety can provide the assistance you need for readiness! Call us today!